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Safety Training for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

customized to your company's needs

Today, more than ever before, safety, health, and our environment have become a primary concern for all businesses. If your employees are not protected, then you are risking your most important resource.

We offer a total approach program to enable our clients to identify and correct hazardous conditions, and comply with the extensive and ever changing governmental regulations. A quality product through quality service to insure you, our client, is getting the best in service, time efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

We have the resources and the experience to help you translate your loss prevention goals into a practical plan and your plan into action.

We have what is necessary to be your single solution. We can help you navigate through the complications of virtually any safety related issues from Occupational Safety and Health to Department of Transportation (DOT-Auto; Trucks) and Fire and Building Code.

We can help you uncover the fundamental issues affecting your safety record. We review your loss histories, look at your physical premises, analyze your policies and procedures, and then help you prioritize corrective actions so the most important issues are addressed first. Our process is thorough and it works.

Loss Prevention is Critical to Every Business

When people get hurt on the job, it is a serious matter. Injuries can be disabling, permanent, and even fatal, and the pain is always real. However, the economic pain from rising workers compensation is real too.

A safer workplace creates winners all around. Employees' morale goes up as well as your corporate image between customers and the community. Experience and expertise. We can be a valuable asset to your business, helping your quest for greater productivity and higher profits.

Our programs are designed and written to meet your operations' specific needs that include the following:

  • Management Statement of Policy
  • Assigned Responsibility
  • Goal, Objectives, and Commitment
  • Accident Reporting/Record Keeping
  • Accident Investigation
  • Training Programs and Requirements
  • Facility Inspections
  • Safety Meetings
  • General Safety Rules
  • Specific Regulatory Programs ( Haz-con, Lockout/Tagout, Confined Space, Respiratory Protection, Hearing Conservation, Blood borne Pathogens)

For questions or to schedule a discussion regarding your safety training needs, call or email us. 

Phone: 203.650.4452

You can rely on C Health Linx LLC to address your safety training requirements.
You can rely on CHL to address your safety training requirements with honesty, commitment and expediency. 

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