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Safety Training for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

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Anthony Chip Carpenter
, Founder and Chief Certified Instructor of
C Health Linx, LLC, has been in the Public Safety and Health Fields for over 25 years. 

Chip has served as a Paramedic, Fire Fighter, an Emergency Medical Risk Manager, Fire Marshal and Safety/Risk Manager in construction and was a member of the State of Connecticut Fire and Building Code Committee for the 2005 code, with a broad range of experience in safety instruction. His many certifications include Fire Fighter, Fire Instructor,
EMS Instructor, CPR Instructor, Authorized OSHA Instructor and Certified Industrial Hygienist Manager.


There are hazards in any workplace that can cause injuries and/or illnesses that are costly and damaging, for the employee and the employer. Job injuries and illnesses contribute to high turnover,absenteeism, higher workers’ compensation costs, and unhappy, less productive staff members. Connecticut employers experience higher costs for workers’ compensation medical care than employers in most other states, and Connecticut ranks among the highest in workers’ compensation premium rates. Work injuries and illnesses also result in days away from work and lost productivity.

The best way to lower costs, retain employees, and maintain a productive workforce is to reduce injuries. The first step toward injury reduction is to identify the hazards that cause injuries by providing the proper level of awareness through comprehensive training.

In addition, OSHA mandates ongoing hazard awareness training. Failure to comply can cost an employer substantial penalties.


C HEALTH LINX offers an extensive curriculum of health and safety courses designed for the small to medium size company. Our pre-defined courses can be customized to meet the client's specific needs.
C HEALTH LINX is totally committed to quality training and customer satisfaction. See Training for more information on course content.


For questions or to schedule a discussion regarding your safety training needs, call or email us. 

Phone: 203.650.4452


Safety precautions while laying pipesLaying pipes can involve many safety hazards that the employer and workers need to be aware of.

Detail of Customized Trench

Visibility on the work site is an extremely important safety issue.


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